Heritage Professionals

We’d love to hear from you if you are a:

  • Heritage interpreter
  • Graphic artist
  • Museum designer
  • Video maker
  • Digital content developer

We work with a wide range of heritage industry professionals and are an AHI corporate member. As hardware-only suppliers, we can never become your competitors, and so will work hard with you to develop your offering for your clients, from delivering digital interpretation at an 'impossible' site, to developing your own unique interactive apps. Your competitive position can be enhanced by using the built-in Content Management System to create easy-to-manage content that you can then hand over to your client to maintain and update. Info-Point is also open and flexible enough to be enhanced and extended during follow-on projects.

Heritage Organisations


Many of he biggest names in heritage use Info-Point units:

  • National Trust
  • National Trust for Scotland
  • RSPB
  • Cadw
  • Local authorities

We will work with you to make sure that Info-Point units delivered to your sites conform to your organisational requirements such as branding, security, health and safety, training, maintenance and warranties. We are happy to set up any special arrangements to make the organisation-wide management of your heritage offering easier for you.

Let’s do something great together

As we are hardware suppliers, we rely on our professional partners working with Info-Point units to provide their clients with innovative content and to provide us with demonstration examples and case stories. If you want to develop something new and unique to your client offering, you will find us to be keen and supportive developer partners. So, if you have ideas to do something super cool, talk to us.

Photo of Book Interpretation in a Digital Age

Book: Heritage in a Digital Age

'Interpretation In A Digital Age' explains in plain language the use of mobile digital technology in the context of heritage interpretation. While highlighting the many exciting ideas and opportunities, it avoids the hype and unrealistic expectations that surround new technology, and points out the dangers and pitfalls that practitioners will need to deal with. The book looks at the whole range of available and emerging mobile digital technologies that are relevant to providing today’s heritage visitor experience. It dissects them from a management viewpoint, looking at factors such as cost, risk, and future trends. It is written in simple non-technical language by the two experienced technologists who created the 'Info-Point' visitor information system as a substitute delivery method for heritage sites without internet access, and who have since worked with industry professionals and major heritage organisations to support their needs for reliable digital delivery. The book will not tell you what to do. Its aim is to share the authors' information, knowledge, and experience, in order to give you a solid foundation of understanding so that you can make your own decisions with confidence.

Two ways of working together 

If you want to avoid selling and supporting hardware, then you can invite us in as a partner supplier so that we both work directly for the client. As lead partner, you are in charge and we work to your brief so that the client gets what they want.

If you prefer to offer your client a single-supplier ‘turnkey’ solution or want to use your Info-Points as your platform to deliver your own applications, then we can train you in the Info-Point system and supply to you at a discount to reflect the work you take on instead of us.

Whichever way you choose to work with us, as an industry professional we will always provide you with unlimited free technical support. We can also demonstrate and site test so that you can be confident of performance to specification

Photo of workshop session

Talks, Presentations, Demonstrations, Workshops

We have a range of talks and presentations that we have given at various events, from industry-specific to general public. We can demonstrate Info-Point to any group of up to 30 people. Each year we run several regional workshops with our customers and professional partners. Please let us know via the 'Let's talk' button if you are interested.