Custom style for the language block on a multi-lingual Info-Point

This video explains how to improve the styling on the lanuguage switcher block to emphasise the selected language and remove a spurious strikethrough on translated content.

You will need to cut and paste the following CSS (or your own version) to implement the change.

#block-locale-language li a  {                   /*Select the language switcher block and override the non translated settings */
text-decoration: none;                        /*Do not use decoration such as strike - through */
color: #ffffff;                                    /*Set the text to be white */
}                                             /*Close the statement */

#block-locale-language li {               /*Select the active language in the language switcher block */
background-color: #2573ae;                         /*Set the background colour to be pale blue  */
font-weight: bold;                            /*Make the font bold */
color: #ffffff;                                 /*set the text to be white */
}                                               /*Close the statement */