Using Professional Interpreters and Designers

Info-Point is very open and flexible. You can engage professional web developers and heritage interpreters to develop your content, which is something we recommend. We will provide them with free technical support. They can develop very advanced content, such as interactive apps, location-sensing, and Virtual Reality.
The built-in Content Management System means that you also have the option to upliad and maintain your content yourself. This is very easy to use, being no more difficult that posting to social media.
Info-Point is based on standard technology so you are free to use any contractor you wish to develop content and features - ther is no lock-in to any vendor. You can also work in ‘hybrid’ mode, using professionals to design and develop content, following which your own staff or volunteers can update it.
We have a good track-record of working with professional designers, developers and heritage interpreters and can recommend appropriate individuals or organisations that you can invite to bid for such work. If you are such a professional, please get in touch and we can discuss how Info-Point can deliver your digital heritage interpretation projects to any visitor at any location.