How to videos

Adding a sub-menu to Info-Point content

Drop down menus do not work so well on tablets and smartphones, so it is often better to use a sub-menu instead. This video is a little longer than usual because there are quite a few steps. The technique is really useful so it is well worth understanding this versatile technique.


Adding multilingual content to panel pages

This video shows how to add multilingual content to panel pages.

Make sure you work in the language you have selected for the panel page or you might find it difficult to add your content, which must also be in the same language (or language neutral).


Apply the Comments bug update script


Only follow these instructions if you have an error message relating to comments.


Backup Your Info-Point

How to backup your info-Point.  This will save all the files necessary to rebuild or duplicate your Info-Point in the event of a disaster.

Restoring can be tricky due to large size of video and audio files, so please contact us for advice specific to your set-up.


Changing the appearance by using an alternate theme engine

The default Info-Point Content Management System (CMS) is Drupal. This powerful and modern CMS gives you entirely separate control of content and of styling. Your existing content can thus be presented in very different ways by altering the theme engine. This example does not require any special software, but you will need expertise in CSS to heavily customise appearance.


Changing the appearance of Info-Point

The basic colour and logo on an Info-Point can be changed fairly easily.

For the logo, we recommend a size of 77 pixels high and no more than 120 pixels wide. PNG images have the added advantage they support transparency.


Changing your Password

We recommend that you change the password on your Info-Point. This video demonstrates the simple steps involved.
We can get you back into your system if you lose your password, but you will have to send it back to us, so remember to make a note of it in a safe place. 


Clear Default Menu Items

This video shows how to clear the default menu items from the Info-Point. We recommend hiding, rather than deleting these items so you can refer back to them later.



Configuring Multilingual Support

This video shows how to configure an Info-Point to use multilingual support once the modules have been enabled.


Connecting to Info-Point

All Wi-Fi web-browsing devices can use an Info-Point. This video shows you how to get started.

Remember that the steps are:

1. Open your settings and connect to the Info-Point Wi-Fi (no password is needed)

2. Open a browser (such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox)

Wait a few seconds, then if your browser does not open at the Info-Point home page, type into the address bar the numbers and dots