Long Gallery interpretation at Hardwick Hall

The National Trust's Hardwick Hall has installed Info-Point in its Long Gallery in order to provide a novel way to understand its collection of paintings and tapestries, while reducing the intrusiveness of interpretation. Presenting the portraits on visitors' smartphones so that they can be analysed as Elizabethan 'selfies' gives a new perspective that makes the imagery more accessible to younger visitors. Digital enhancement of the faded Gideon tapestries enables visitors to see them exactly as they would have looked to Bess of Hardwick in the 16th Century, and explains some of the challenges of conservation. Discreet NFC tags are also available as location triggers, enabling the techno-savvy to integrate their physical experience with their digital one. The Trust is monitoring and evaluating this project, along with outdoor Info-Points at Clumber Park, to see what the visitor reaction is to applying this 'new-renaissance' technology to heritage.