Info-Point Products

Pre-sales information

Additional Master units

Additional Hot Spots

£2,800 + VAT

Add extra 'Master' units to create independent 'Hot Spots' across your site. These can contain the same content, or unique content.

They are complete Info-Point units, ordered at the same time as your initial Master unit.



Slave units

Networking Info-Point

£800 per unit + VAT

The coverage of an Info-Point Master unit can be extended by adding wireless access points or 'Slaves', so that users can move seamlessly around the coverage area. This is useful at complex indoor locations that normally block Wi-Fi signals. It also increases the simultaneous user capacity for high traffic areas at major attractions.

We can survey a site and produce a test report in order to determine a network topology and budget that will guarantee coverage for visitor areas.

Wireless access points do not require network cabling, but have to be powered, which can be mains, low-voltage, or battery/solar.

Wireless Webcams

Photo: Webcam

£450 + VAT per camera

Wireless webcams that will beam images live to your visitors' smartphones. Can be used as nature-cams, or for areas closed to visitors. Live webcams can be used as a substitute for wheelchair accessibility in buildings that are not possible to make fully accessible. The visitor can follow their party around and so share in the actual visit 'live'.

It can be programmed with a variety of automated functions, such as stills, time lapse, and recorded highlights. This means that it will always provide some interesting video, even when nothing is happening. An additional interactive feature is that the user can take their own snapshot. The cameas can also be low-light and Infra-red. The price includes the camera, configuration, and programming.


Key features:

  • Includes basic camera (specialist models available)
  • Infra-Red night facility
  • Llive action feed
  • 'Last action' recorded highlights
  • 'Time lapse' videos
  • Visitor-controlled snapshot facility