2. Intermediate

Backup Your Info-Point

How to backup your info-Point.  This will save all the files necessary to rebuild or duplicate your Info-Point in the event of a disaster.

Restoring can be tricky due to large size of video and audio files, so please contact us for advice specific to your set-up.


Panels: how to create panel pages

This video describes how to create Panels on your Info-Point. 


Panels: using mini-panels

This video describes how to use mini-panels on your Info-Point. I have kept in a couple of mistakes that puzzle me for a moment as you may well make the same mistake. Showing how to correct them is probably a very useful lesson.
A couple of times I mention that trying to edit the node content while in the In-place editor looks alarming. It does, but it does not break anything!

Adding a sub-menu to Info-Point content

Drop down menus do not work so well on tablets and smartphones, so it is often better to use a sub-menu instead. This video is a little longer than usual because there are quite a few steps. The technique is really useful so it is well worth understanding this versatile technique.


Using the Leaflet Dispenser

This video explains how to use the leaflet dispenser that is built into the Info-Point.


Info-Point Visitor Statistics

The Info-Point unit comes with a visitor statistics module enabled. To access these statistics, sign in to your Info-Point as administrator and go to:
After entering the date range of interest, a range of charts and page summaries are available, including visits per month, top pages and visits by hour of the day.


Formatting Videos for Info-Point

This video explains the best format options to choose for maximum compatibility with mobile devices.


Including images as wallpapers in Info-Point

Make it easy for your visitors to save your favorite images on their mobile device.  The powerful image processing engine inside the Info-Point automatically creates several versions of your image for different aspect ratio screens.

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