2. Intermediate

Using the native media player

This video explains how to use the native media player built in to all smartphones and tablets rather than the web based player. This will work better on most modern smartphones and tablets due to changes in technology.

You will need the two files attached to this page when you follow the ste by step instructions.

Backup Your Info-Point

How to backup your info-Point.  This will save all the files necessary to rebuild or duplicate your Info-Point in the event of a disaster.

Restoring can be tricky due to large size of video and audio files, so please contact us for advice specific to your set-up.

Panels: using mini-panels

This video describes how to use mini-panels on your Info-Point. I have kept in a couple of mistakes that puzzle me for a moment as you may well make the same mistake. Showing how to correct them is probably a very useful lesson.
A couple of times I mention that trying to edit the node content while in the In-place editor looks alarming. It does, but it does not break anything!
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