3. Advanced

Changing the appearance of Info-Point

The basic colour and logo on an Info-Point can be changed fairly easily.

For the logo, we recommend a size of 77 pixels high and no more than 120 pixels wide. PNG images have the added advantage they support transparency.


Changing the appearance by using an alternate theme engine

The default Info-Point Content Management System (CMS) is Drupal. This powerful and modern CMS gives you entirely separate control of content and of styling. Your existing content can thus be presented in very different ways by altering the theme engine. This example does not require any special software, but you will need expertise in CSS to heavily customise appearance.


System Reset

This video shows how to use the system reset facility introduced into Info-Points in the first quarter of 2014.

You will need access to a computer with WiFi and a command line interface or terminal window.  On Windows computers this can be accessed through the run menu and typing "cmd" or selecting command line prompt.  On other systems select terminal.


You will also need your users password.

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