1. Getting Started

Using native media player


You will need to download the attached files to your computer.


One Minute Introduction


Connecting to Info-Point

All Wi-Fi web-browsing devices can use an Info-Point. This video shows you how to get started.

Remember that the steps are:

1. Open your settings and connect to the Info-Point Wi-Fi (no password is needed)

2. Open a browser (such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox)

Wait a few seconds, then if your browser does not open at the Info-Point home page, type into the address bar the numbers and dots


Troublehooting - Wi-Fi

When connecting to Wi-Fi, some phones automatically open a logon page, known as a 'thin client', which looks like a browser but isn't. Don't hit 'cancel' or it may log you off the Wi-Fi connection. Instead, continue to follow the standard instructions. This video shows you what to do.


Troubleshooting - Browser

Some browsers have 'secure' pages as their home page - notably Google search - that may give the user a misleading message. If user follows the standard instructions they will get connected. This video shows you how.


Logging in to Info-Point as an administrator

Administering Info-Point just requires a Wi-Fi enabled computer and a web browser. No other App or software is required.


Changing your Password

We recommend that you change the password on your Info-Point. This video demonstrates the simple steps involved.
We can get you back into your system if you lose your password, but you will have to send it back to us, so remember to make a note of it in a safe place. 


How to create new text and image content

A basic introduction showing how easy it is to create content on your Info-Point using your web browser.


How to arrange menu items on Info-Point

Now you have created content, you will want to re-arrange the links in the menu....


Clear Default Menu Items

This video shows how to clear the default menu items from the Info-Point. We recommend hiding, rather than deleting these items so you can refer back to them later.


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